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Budapesti lakás

Apartments in Budapest - Hotel info Hungary

What is the best way of finding apartments for your holiday or stay in a foreign country? You may want to stay at a hotel or rent a private room - it is a question of your budget and information that you can get from a travel agency or a tour guide. You can browse travel guides or the Internet to get more info but the supply is really that big that you can hardly make a decision where to stay.

Key motivators for tourists and holiday makers: spa tourism, dental tourism and cultural visits to dicover the beauties of a country that is more than 1000 years old. Citybreaks and sightseeing are very popular thanks to budget airlines and open borders - Hungary is now a Schengen country.

Weather is always good - lots of sunshine and high temperatures in summer. Hardly any rain or terrible weather conditions. Prices are moderate and the standard of living just OK for those who can afford.

People in general do not speak English as you would expect. Going out by night is popular - you can meet young people having fun everywhere. Hungary is a small country - you can access any tourist destination in the country from the capital.

Budapest deserves 2 days at least - and Lake Balaton is another safe bet for visitors and holiday-makers alike.

Why visit Hungary?

Hungary is popular for several reasons. First and formost the fact that it is located in the Central Europe makes it an attractive destination for those who plan to visit Poland, Croatia or Austria. Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is competing with Prague, Vienna or Warsava.

Public security is really good - meals are substantial and people are hospitable. These are cliches that you can hear about any other country. Hungary has the largest lake in Central Europe called Balaton and this place is ideal for families with small children.

Tourists come to Hungary to relax but some of them are medical tourists. Dental tourism is really catching on, property investments are popular with those who plan to come back to Hungary.