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Budapest Property Investment Plans

Finding a property for investment is not always an easy matter. Setting up a business of this nature abroad can be utterly difficult. Especially in an environment that has a totally different market structure and conditions. The return on investment can be attractive but the lack of knowledge of local conditions and risks may discourage investors and cause them to look for real estates elsewhere. Hungary - for the time being - is attracting foreign investors to buy Budapest property or invest in Hungarian real estate. There are a number of businesses (realtors, real estate agents) focussing on property investments. They have the knowledge of the local market and are armed with tools that can contribute to a successful closing of commercial or residential investment deals. Though the property markets is Spain especially are experiencing a slow down at the moment - the mood of investors is getting better in terms of changes in Hungary that finally take effect with severe austerity measures of the ruling minority Gyurcsany government. The worst is now over for Hungarian property investments...

Why invest in Hungarian real estate?

Hungary is developing rapidly - in spite the fact that current austerity measures [in order to meet Maastrich criteria to introduce euro] postpone some infrastructural developments. Political games may discourage investors but the atmosphere is still investment friendly. Locals face stringent economic policy and can hardly afford to buy budapest property for investment - not even taking out mortgages to cover to costs as banks are reluctant to grant money and require collateral and other sureties. New residental and commercial projects are in progress and there is a need for investment funds to finance them. Also, plenty of commercial office space and apartments are vacant and waiting for investors to buy and let them out.