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Having the best looking website designs won't give your business any extra benefits if it can't be found by a search engine.

People who search actively for your products or services are qualified prospects who have already made the decision to buy!

Website optimization

Attracting visitors to your web site can only occur when your site is visible to internet searchers.

SEO a marketing tool?
Being listed on the first page in the SERP is not only a matter of prestige but also a great marketing tool to attract more quality website visitors and generate more traffic.

Take that competitive edge to make use of our state-of-the-art website optimisation services at an affordable price.

Search engine optimization is a splendid marketing tool to make your website visible and thus generate more traffic to bring the utmost out of your online business.

It seems that e-mail spams do not work out. Banners and pay-per-click programmes are far too costly.

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About 60% of users still prefer to click 'natural' or 'organic' listings than paid ones. Studies have found that users have a 'golden triangle' when using major search engines. The diagram shows the map of where users look and click.

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Send us the details of your website and we identify your rivals and analyse your page to make the maximum impact on the SERP and get higher rankings with us.



Search engine optimization - a key to success

Having a website is only the first step. But what if the right people do not find your site? Optima Studio - through - offers a methodical approach to driving qualified traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization, or google SEO as it is often referred to, is the process of optimising web pages to enable the search engines to read them more effectively.

By performing search engine optimization on your website, the search engines will index your pages and place it high in the rankings. With high rankings on Google, MSN and Yahoo it inevitably leads to more visitors and more sales...

Search Engine Optimisation - Online Marketing - Publicity and ad campaign

Search Engine Optimisation (or website optimization) involves marketing and technical strategies to ensure the position of your website increases in the search engine rankings so that more people come to your website, instead of your competitors.

What we offer - Placement and seo ranking

Search engine optimization is now a priority for many businesses around the world. Apentium is a "placement & SEO ranking company" offering organic search engine placement for top10 search engine rankings on Google and yahoo.

Apentium Solutions has been performing search engine optimization projects with companies all over in Hungary and now in some other European countries, improving their visibility by increasing their rankings and attracting more visitors to create more online customers.

When people look for a product or service like hair transplant travel abroad they use their mobile more often these days. Mobile SEO is another highly developing area in 2018.

Optimization brings about an increase in qualified website traffic and generate more customer enquiries that ultimately will convert to sales.

People that come to your web site via the search engines are highly likely than not to be in the market or looking to be involved in the market for your products and services.

Your search engine listing will only be visible to the end user of an internet search engine if they search for products or service that match yours.

Search engine optimisation is the key to a successful website that will enable potential customers to see a website.

There are difficult areas in seo - like adult, gambling, financial sites - but careful and planned action with a future vision may help avoid problems with google algo changes. One of our clients' site pokiemonster was seriously hit by spammers - as part of a negative seo scheme. We finally fought it off and the site is doing nicely.

Another problematic seo issue is geo targeting properly. One of the clients we work for has a website on an e-commerce server in the USA - and the TLD for it is .com. What is the problem with this? The main target is the UK as a geo location. The site aims to rank for sheepskin rug or sheepskin rugs in the UK and it does well in most google serps except for the targeted one.... We have a solution for that, of course.

Advantages of search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Once you’ve reached top positions, you should stay there
  • More searchers click on ‘organic results’ (around 60% vs. 40% PPC)
  • Can appear in hundreds of search results page
  • Cheaper than PPC in long run

Disadvantages of search engine optimisation:

  • Can take several months to see results
  • Time consuming
  • Can’t guarantee placements
  • Search engines change so you can lose positions overnight

Is google SEO - a marketing tool or more?

..:: Pay-for-performance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ::..
The best way of advertising is free advertising. If your website is listed on the first page of the SERP - that is the best way to promote your site. The website thus reaches its ultimate aim - the visitor that you target. Website optimization is like any PR activity. It acts as a publicity campaign online. Website promotion and creative advertising campaigns are attempts to increase visibility and generating more visitors (leads) to you site. SEO is an ad bomb that hits. Do not miss your target. Have your website optimised and convert it into a search engine friendly, money spinning business! Milk that cash cow before your competitors realise this potential...

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We analyse both your website and that of your competitors' to make a more powerful impact in the search engine listings. We manage registration into catalogues and multiply the number of quality links that refer to your website.