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Top quality cosmetic dentistry, latest dental implants

.... all for less then half price!

It is a well known fact worldwide that Hungary is one of the main target of the dental tourism since the early 1970’s, well before dentistry has become an „industry” all over the world.

But why we are so special? Because we offer several decade’s experience in dentistry, well trained professionals, high quality service, we apply the latest technologies, latest materials such as dental implant, dental crown, bridges and dentures - all this for affordable prices.

Today, mainly because of the economic crisis many patients think it’s not the right time to fix their teeth or they think that they can not afford quality dental treatment at home.

Also, with an increased need for hair transplant surgery abroad besides the dental holidays, hair transplant travel has become a norm for most male patients looking to get high quality treatment at an affordable cost.

What do they do? They start looking for dental treatment abroad. When they reconsider, they will see completely the opposite of what they thought. With us in Hungary, what they receive is real value for their money, they can have their smile back again and they will save up to 70% of the dental costs.

Many people choose us to save on their dental care, other people choose us because they have no other alternative at home. Whatever the reason, they get the same high-end dental treatment and the same quick procedure. Of course the dentists and our staff in Hungary speak English.

Travelling from the UK to Hungary is easy and simple, and nowadays with the cheap flights is much more economical as well. In case your dental treatment is a longer one, or you need more than one visit because you need treatments like dental implants, porcelain or Zirconium crowns, it is a good idea to combine it with some vacation.

Don’t wait too long! Take the chance, come and experience the prime quality dental services in Hungary with La Porta Dental!

For more information, treatment plan and prices, please visit our site: and find out more on cosmetic dentistry!