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The Fidesz led Hungarian government approved funding for dental tourism.

The dental tourism trade is booming and dentists of Hungary are attracting dental patients from all over the world; costs and rates are significantly lower in Hungary than in most Western European countries and the Budapest has an excellent reputation for health service.

Latest figures suggest that dental tourism generates around HUF 60 billion a year for the Hungarian economy and there is a tendency for substancial growth for the years to come, as more and more people seek dental treatment abroad.


dentista en Hungría
implant dentaire Hongrie

Dental treatment - save up to 70% in Budapest

With the economic crises today, many many people cannot afford quality dental care in their home country. Patients with a minor tooth problem could visit their local dentist and get the emergency treatment - they have no choice to choose quality - time and pain may press for time and money...

Medical insurance in most cases does not cover aesthetic dental treatments so many of the patients need to look for alternative solutions. This is when they google for dental treatment abroad....

Dental tourism has become a booming industry in Central Europe. Trained professionals, prime quality service and affordable prices ensure English patients get what they look for. Value for their money! And they can save up as much as 70% of the dental cosots in the UK. HungaryTop is one such operator that handels health tourism needs.

As dentists in Hungary speak English, use state-of-the-art technology and raw material with dental implants it simply makes sense to get your dental care from Budapest dentists.

Places such as Prague, Budapest offer a myriad of dental clinics that offer much lower rates for your dental care than you would get in your home town.

Now you have options to meet your Hungarian dentist and get the treatment plan in Drogheda, close to Dublin city area.

dental implant abutment

Dental tourism is now a industry as dentistry procedures are usually not performed in one sitting. They may take several days to complete. Swiss patients need to compare dental implant preise before they decide on where to have the implantology treatment done.

Many people with a tooth problem choose this process to enjoy a longer vacation while having their dental work done. How much can they save through dental tourism? Quite a lot...

If you need a dental procedure that cannot be completed in one visit such as root canal treatment, denture repairs, dental implants and abutments, bridges or crowns it really makes sense to combine your travel with your dental treatment procedure and save up thousands of euros / pounds as a result.

Savings from dental care completed in Hungary could actually pay for the vacation and you may still have several hundred pounds left over.

Hungary awaits hair tourism patients as well - read about hair loss treatment options on dedicated website.

Budapest, Hungary awaits dentistry patients - Dental tourism

Look for good quality service at an affordable price - dental treatment abroad can be value for your money. dental implants costs you a lot and the quality is not always the best in UK dental clinics. Ask patients that have been to Hungary how they feel about dental tourism...